Our lab conducts research that encompasses networking, security, and usability. Broadly speaking, we are interested in making the Internet work better.

Current projects include:


An architecture for certificate authentication that secures existing applications, strengthens the CA system, and provides simple deployment of improved authentication systems.

TLS Proxies

Measuring the prevalence and nature of TLS proxies and understanding user attitudes and preferences toward inspection of their encrypted traffic.

Cloud Storage

Understanding how user preferences and behavior when using cloud storage services.

Steam Measurements

Measuring the Steam network to provide insight into how people play video games.

Content-Based Security

Supplementing the web’s existing connection-based and server-based security models with a new approach: content- based security.

Get Involved

Contact Daniel Zappala (daniel.zappala@gmail.com) for research opportunities in the lab.

Visit us at 2240 TMCB.